Rules & Regulations 2014


Rules of play: National High School Federation Rules will apply. These rules include the disqualification, for the next game, of any player or coach ejected from a game for any reason.
ZERO TOLERANCE: It is the coaches responsibility that all players, coaches, and parents read the YBOA GA Zero Tolerance Policy prior to playing in YBOA. Zero Tolerance Policy

Rosters: Team rosters will be limited to 15 players per team. Each team must have a typed score sheet and six (6) copies of their score sheet, in numerical order, and present one copy to the Official Scorer prior to each game. The score sheet is available on the web site at YBOAGA Scoresheet and MUST BE PRINTED LANDSCAPE. Any team NOT having a proper score sheet will be given an administrative technical foul to start the game.  Players may not participate in more than one age division or more than one team.

    Birth Records: Each competitor must present at registration, proof of age in one of the following acceptable forms:

  1. Copy of certified birth certificate from the state, county, or municipal Bureau of Vital Statistics at the place of birth.
  2. A copy of the delayed registration of birth if the athlete's birth was not recorded on his day of birth; issued by the same governing bodies.
  3. Consular Service Form FS240 (Report on Birth) issued by the US Department of State.
  4. Immigrations and Naturalization Forms I-151; I-25, and Form 43 R311-7 issued by the US Department of Justice.
  5. Vaild state-issued Drivers License
  6. Vaild state issued Identification Card

    Acceptable forms of Grade Verifications:
    1). copy of participant's current year report card
    2) Copy of participant's current year progress report with embossed seal or stamp of school

Players that cannot provide certified birth certificate will not be allowed to participate until such proof of age is received.

ALL Players MUST provide copy of a report card indicating the grade level of player in addition to their birth certificate is required to be turned into the Ga. office before player is eligible to play. Player cannot be more than one year older for his age group. Age is as of 9/1/2014.

Home school players MUST provide documnetation from the State Department of Education and belong to an accredited home school organization. They MUST play based on their age.

A player who meets all eligibility guidelines may participate in up to two different grade levels or divisions within the same tournament provided both teams belong to the same organization, and have the same identical team name. However, a player may not participate in a Semi-Final or Championship game unless he/she participated in at least one game with each team prior to the Semi-Final or Championship game as part of the same tournament.

A player who meets all eligibility rules and participates on more than one team during the same tournament may play a maximum of six games within any two-day span.

A player that meets all eligibility requirements and participates in two different grade levels or divisions must be listed on both rosters.

    Length of Games:

  • 8 & 9 Under 6 minute quarters
  • 10 & 11 Under;12 & Under 7 minute quarters
  • 13 -17 & Under 8 minute quarters
  • 5 Minute warm-up except on Friday night or if games are running behind (3 minutes)
  • 5 Minute Half Time
  • Overtimes periods will be 3 minutes for 8U to 12U and 4 minutes 13U to 17U and each team will receive an additional full time out.
  • Forfeit time is 20 minutes from the scheduled start time of the game, however consideration for out of town teams will be given. All forfeits are at the YBOA Director's discretion.
  • 30 point mercy rule will be in effect. Clock will run continuously except during time outs any time a team reaches a lead of 30 points or more. Clock goes back to regular time once the trailing team point difference reaches 20 points.
  • 10-12 and Under (6th grade) will play with a 28.5 ball
  • 13 - 17 Under will play with a regulation ball
  • Time outs: Each team will have 2- "30 second" and 3 Full time outs per game.
  • NO PRESS RULE: at the time a winning team gains a lead of thirty (30) or more points during the second half of a game, they must play defense behind the half court line until the trailing team brings the point difference to twenty (20) points or less.

Uniforms: All teams should have either reversible jerseys (with two different colors) or two sets of jerseys (light and dark) with numbers on front (2") and back of jerseys (6"), no exception. One administrative technical will be administered for any team that does not have numbers on front and back of jersey or illegal jersey. The home team in each game will wear the light colored jerseys. If undershirts are worn, they must be the same color as the jersey and all undershirts worn by a team must be the same color. YBOA plays under the International rules, so any number from 0-99 is a legal number.

Jersey's must be tucked in before entering the game and during the game.

Coach's Attire: All coaches and assistants will wear long pants or dress shorts, shirts with collars or mock turtlenecks, and dress or basketball/tennis shoes. Casual and/or "cut off" shorts, warm-up suits, t-shirts, and open-toed shoes are not permitted. Tournament Director or Site Director has the authority to NOT allow any coaching staff on the bench if not in proper attire. Females can wear a dress or a blouse.

These rules will be strictly enforced!!

Bench Rules: Only eligible players plus a maximum of four coaches (this includes statistician, ball boys, and other staff) may be on the team's bench. Violation of this rule will result in one warning. The team will then have 1 minute to clear the bench of anyone not listed on the official roster. If a team fails to comply, the violator(s) will be ejected.

Protests: Any protest must be communicated immediately to the site Director. Protests must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by a $ 100 fee. A committee will consider all protests as soon as possible. Protests pertaining to an official's judgment will not be considered.


Admissions and Tickets: Cost will be $ 7.00 for adults and $ 4.00 per student on Friday. $ 8.00 for adults and $ 4.00 for students on Saturday and Sunday. Only three coaches per team will be allowed entry without admission fee if they have a 2014 YBOA coaches card and wear approved attire.


Contacts: Each gym will have a site director who will answer all questions.

The tournament director will be the final decision maker on all tournament issues . We are here for the kids and their best interest will be taken into consideration.


Tournament Director William Fox
404-403-5235 Cell Phone
Assistant Tournament Director Euan Coppin

404-993-0661 Cell Phone

Tournament Format

Pool Play: Each bracket will consist of two or three pools consisting of three to four teams each. Each team is guaranteed three games. Pools with three teams will play a cross over game however only pool games count towards the pool winner. When there is a bracket with three pools, the pool winners will advance to the semi finals. An "at large" team will be selected based on the non-pool winner team with the overall best record.

Tie Breaker Ties for pool winners and "at large teams will be based first on head to head then point differential. Points are determined by the margin of victory of each of the three games with a maximum of +- 15 points.The Tie Breaker System will use the point differential of the teams involved in the tie situation ONLY. If total points differential for both teams are still a tie, you add up total defensive points (total points given up in the three games) the team given up the fewest wins the tiebreaker. If there is still a tie after both of these tests, then a coin toss will determine the winner. If three teams are tied in a Pool for first place the scores of the three teams involved will be used in the tie breaker system to determine first place, once first place has been determined based on point differentials second place or pool runner up will the go back the first tie breaker (head to head)

Team Rankings:

The teams are ranked by age group. These rankings are based on the team’s results from playing in sanctioned YBOA tournaments ONLY.

A point system is being used to rank the teams. A team receives 10 for 1st, 8 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 2 for winning at least one game (1-2 in pool play) and 1 for participating (going 0-3 in pool play). An average of all the teams’ tournament results will be used. : YOU MUST PLAY IN TWO (2) Georgia YBOA tournaments(prior to the State Tournament) in order to be ranked and to play in the State Championships.

Teams playing up an age group will be given extra points for playing in an older group.

ALL POINTS ASSIGNMENTS will be at the discretion of the State Director

These ranking will be the basis for seeding the pools in tournaments. Seeding's in the State Championships may not agree with the seeding rankings. Strength of tournaments, etc. may adjust seeding for the pools. State Director will make this decision.

Any team not playing in TWO GA YBOA tournaments prior to participating in the State Championships will not be allowed to participate.

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