Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:
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1] How does a team qualify for the State Championships in GA?
You must play in two YBOA-GA tournaments.

2] Does playing in a super regional count as one of the two tournaments?
NO. Even the Georgia YBOA Super Regional does not count as one of your two tournaments.

3] Why do we have to play in two tournaments?
In order to be fair to ALL teams, playing in two tournaments helps YBOA-GA rank the teams for seeding the State Championships.

4] How can I qualify to go to the YBOA National Championships?
You must play in the YBOA-GA State Championships to qualify. You can play in an YBOA Super Regional and get a bid, but YOU HAVE TO PLAY in the YBOA-GA State Championships in order for the bid to be accepted in the National Office.

5] How do the ranking works?
You should read how rankings are calculated under Rankings on the YBOA-Ga web site. Points are assigned by the State Director based on a teamís record in the tournament. These are an AVERAGE of at least two tournaments.

6] What are Division 1 and Division 2?
Based on a teamís ranking, a team who has a ranking of 5:0 or more can play in Division 1 State Championships (They cannot play in Division 2). Any team with a 5.0 or less can play in either Division 1 or 2, but only teams with a 5>0 ranking or less can play in division 2 State Championships.

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